Our Mission

Inspired by the Holy Spirit, we will teach, preach, and encourage mankind to live according to the will of God, using the Holy Bible, (which we believe to be the Word of God), as our guide. To bring man to the wholeness and fullness of the life that God has ordained to be so that God may get the glory out of mankind.

What these statements mean to us:

  1. We believe that the church is a haven (home) for all that want to enter into a relationship with Jesus Christ.
  2. We believe that all who enter the church looking for hope and new life in Christ Jesus should find them.
  3. We believe that if we pursue God, we will find Him. And when we find Him, we will find peace.
  4. We believe that the church is a place to feed on God’s Word and grow strong spiritually.
  5. We believe that the conviction of the Holy Spirit will guide us and correct us.
  6. We believe that the church is not a place of judgment, but that God is the only righteous judge. He will judge each of us based on how we live our lives.
  7. We believe the church should meet the spiritual needs of its members; when spiritual needs are met, lives are changed.
  8. We believe that church should invest in the lives of children. The children are our future.
  9. We believe the church is one body in Christ, different members but all one family.
  10. We believe that the church should impact the community for God.
  11. We believe that the church is a place of fellowship for believers.