Youth Ministry

Music Ministries

Vocal Music
The vocal music ministry is made up of five (5) choirs, the Gospel Choir, the Chancellor Choir, The Young Adult Choir, the Sunbeam Choir, and the Male Chorus.

  1. Sunbeam Choir – children’s church selections, ages 4 to 12
  2. Youth Choir – older children church selections, ages 13 to 17
  3. Young Adult Choir – music selections include traditional and contemporary gospel, ages 18 to 25
  4. Gospel Choir – music selections include traditional and contemporary gospel
  5. Chancellor Choir – selections of traditional hymns and church songs
  6. Male Chorus – church songs, hymns, and quartet selections
  7. Percussions

Sanctuary Drums
The Sanctuary Drum ministry consists of two professionally trained drummers that have answered the call of the Lord and developed a Drum Ministry to support the music ministry in regular church services and other church events. A regular part of the Drum Ministry is teaching and developing of young people that are interested in playing drums.

Drum Line/Marching Band
New in 2009, the NBFWBC drummers organized and performed as a Marching Band for the first time. The band, which includes drum musicians and a drum major, led the first Willie Nixon Turner Memorial Parade through a 12 block route in the streets of East Baltimore.

The audio-visual ministry manages the church sound system during all services. The sound ministry also makes recordings of the services, messages, and special performances and presentations.

Liturgical Dance
Inspired and interpretive dances performed to Christian selections during regular church services and on special occasions. The Dance Ministry has performed as an invited guest and participants in various church services, community events, and education settings. In 2009, the NBFWBC Dance Ministry performed at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. The group is led and taught by three college students that have been trained in classical dance and chosen to use their training to glorify God.

The NBFWBC Dance ministry consists of two age groups:

  1. Youth Dancers – Ages six through 17, and
  2. Young Adult Dance – Ages 18 through 30